Meroo National Park


I have one of the most beautiful and secret places to share with you: Meroo National Park.

Meroo National Park is on the New South Wales South Coast, tucked away near Ulladulla and Batemans Bay. Even though people have camped there for decades, very few seem to know about it. And you’ll see why if you go there. It is a nearly perfect hideaway – complete with marine wildlife like dolphins and whales, that are practically your only neighbours!

The best way to stay at Meroo is by camping at Meroo Head. This is camping in the true sense of the word, so you need to bring your own toilet paper and be ready to accept the lack of facilities. You can sleep in a tent just a few metres from the beach but be sheltered from wind by the trees. The campsite is mainly for relaxing. If you have the resources you can fish for salmon or flat head (if you have a fishing license), kayak or canoe at Tabourie Lake, or just play in the waves. An entire day can pass just reading on the beach with occasional breaks to cook and eat whatever you decide to make. There are a number of walking tracks to explore, leading you from sandy beaches to rock pools filled with little creatures and giant shells to pick up. You can walk to Meroo Beach and Nuggan Point, or drive to Meroo Head Lookout for spectacular coastal views. And yes, there is the possibility of seeing your co-inhabitors surface! A pod of dolphins regularly visits the sight. You can see them from the beach as they surf the waves close to shore.

This is a quiet place to get away from the noise of the city and get back in touch with the serenity of nature. It is the perfect place to reset after a hectic semester.


So how do you get there? The only way to get there is by car and the car must be equipped to drive over uneven dirt roads. Once you have arrived at Ulladulla, you drive about 5km south on the Princes Highway to the start of Meroo National Park. The Lagoon Head precinct is a left hand turn about 7km south of Ulladulla. The Termeil Point precinct is off Blackbutt Road about 14km south of Ulladulla and the Meroo Head precinct is a left onto Meroo Point Road about 20km south of Ulladulla If you are coming from Batemans Bay, you drive north on the Princes Highway to the Meroo National Park. The Meroo Head precinct is 35km north of Batemans Bay. Turmeil Point precinct is about 38km and Lagoon Head about 45km north of Batemans Bay. For more information see:


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