Melbourne International Film Festival

Melbourne-International-FilmFestival-cover1It’s the perfect weather to rug up and watch a movie. But how about 17 days packed full of films from over 50 countries? If that sounds like a dream come true, you should think about getting a ticket to see the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).

The 63rd MIFF starts today and continues until the 17th of August. During that time, about 300 chosen films from 165,000 admissions from around the world are screened. At the same time, Melbourne’s CBD is re-energised with red carpets, parties and special events. But the reason to be there is to see the diverse films chosen as representations of the best work from emerging and established filmmakers from various cultures.

There are very few limitations to the films shown with regards to their storylines, themes, cinematic styles and length. The sneak peak on the MIFF website describes narrative feature films that will be shown, including USA film Listen Up Phillip, Wong-Kar-wai’s martial arts epic The Grandmaster and the coming of age story We Are the Best! There are also a range of short films and documentaries and a number of ‘Next-gen’ films covering subjects for younger audiences including bullying, environmental sustainability, self-expression, technology and cultural differences.


Opening night features a time-travelling thriller titled Predestination by the Spierig Brothers. It tells the story of an agent who chases a terrorist through time. And it was filmed in and around Melbourne!
Tickets are being sold from the 11th of July, the same day the full program is released. But if you’re excited to go you can purchase eMini passess and Opening Night tickets now. eMini passes allow you to view ten session plus three bonus weekday sessions before 5pm. They are $155 for non-concession.

If you’re interested, go to the MIFF website at for more info.

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