Bringing back sixties rock: Sydney’s straight arrows



Sydney band Straight Arrows has released their new album RISING which is full of raw sounding songs with heart racing beats. The band describes their sound as ‘mid-fi’, reminiscent of the inexpensively produced, distorted tracks from the sixties.

We talked to front-man Owen Penglis about the band’s second album and Straight Arrows growing reputation as a gritty, rock band.


Doesn’t the name ‘straight arrows’ contradict with the sound of your album?

That’s the point! I thought it would be kind of funny to have a name which said we were kind of uptight.

What inspires you to make music? What do you make songs about?

About living. About walking down the street. About seeing stuff…about conflicts of the mind

Why do you say your music is ‘mid-fi’?

It’s pretty much this term we made up …we kind of got sick of people calling us a ‘low-fi’ band… I don’t think it [our music] sounds that shitty anymore… though we’re not trying to achieve crystal clear sound, that’s definitely not what we’re trying to do.

Why not?

I don’t like music that sounds like that. I think a lot of those records don’t have any feelings.

Do you have particular career aspirations?

Not really …we just made a seven inch record…play a few shows, see what happens. We’re just there to enjoy ourselves.

Which artists inspire you?

Like little, weird sixties and seventies, outsider, do-it-yourself bands. At the moment I’m really liking this Jamaican guy named Prince Boston… who’s recording his own stuff with the least amount of technology.

How’s this album different from your last one?

We know what we’re doing. We didn’t even go to a studio for the first one, we just went to a friend’s house who had a bunch of studio stuff. We didn’t really think about arrangements…we just did it. This time… we had more time to think about it….like, ‘maybe you should play this bit here instead of the whole time’ or ‘maybe we should record a couple of versions of this and then pick the best one.’

What are you doing now?

I’ve been writing new songs…hopefully when this tours finished we make a bunch of demos and we can get the next one out faster… We get offered a lot of shows these days. Better than when we started and we couldn’t get a show so put on our own ones.

Check out straight arrows:


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