A Blue Christmas with El’ Circo Blanc: Review


It’s Christmas in July! If you feel the need to have a decadent celebration during the uni break, get tickets to El’ Circo Blanc. This is the definition of a special night. At Slide on the Sydney’s famous Oxford street, El’ Circo Blanc is an exhibition of food and performance.

There are five elegant, perfectly portioned and delicious courses inspired by Russia to enjoy. Last year, there were also a number of creative treats including a small but sweet and potent portion of eggnog served in a clean, white egg shell. You were also given a balloon which was pierced to release the smell of pine trees. This year, who knows what creative surprises there will be?

While you eat, you get taken to a fantastical Russian circus by the performers. You might think when you enter the place that the space is too small for aerial circus displays. But the skill of the performers and James Taylor’s choreography somehow makes it work. You’ll see people flipping and twirling on silk sheets hung from the ceiling and on poles. Contortion, mime, juggling and burlesque are also part of the show. The story being told is sung and though at times it is difficult to understand what is going on, it is nonetheless wonderful to listen to and watch.

This is a unique evening. Something you’ll remember. You can see the Slide website for more information at http://slide.com.au/elcircoblanc/. Tickets cost $89 for two people. There are only five shows available, each Wednesday in July.


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