My name is Laura Hedge, I’m a science enthusiast, traveler, writer and soon to be UNSW journalism graduate.

What motivates my writing is curiousity. I find myself pulled towards various subjects, from social issues, politics, economic policy and biology. I am driven by the goal to understand the world around me and communicate that understanding to others. Through my writing I hope to eliminate bs while appreciating the complexity of social issues, which is sometimes elided in the whirlwind of digital media journalism.

For over a year I have been working for an organization which aims to act as an informed best friend to international students in Australia. It’s basic concept is to be the ‘buddy’ in a new buddy system for international students. It was called iStudent and I started there as an intern. But then I got attached to it and when the organization had to rebuild as ‘meStudent’ my role as editorial assistant transformed. As well as a writer with experience in pitching, investigating, interviewing and quickly producing clean copy, I gained experience in designing a magazine and building a start-up organization. This is something I am currently still pursuing, our first hardcopy issues is expected to be distributed throughout Australia in December.

For business enquiries please contact my email, lchedge@hotmail.com.

You can check out some of the work I’ve produced on my Portfolio page.

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